Gulzar Chaniwala

India is a country of different languages where different languages are spoken. But in this country, three languages is the most popular thing when it comes to music. Firstly hindi , secondly bollywood, and thirdly Haryanvi songs. In haryana mostly haryanvi language is said. And when it comes to Haryanvi music, at this time within Haryana only one musician is most famous, And that composer’s name is “Gulzar Chaniwala”. Yes friends, if you have come to Google about his biography , then you have come to the place because today we will tell you some things about the life of Gulzar Chaniwala that you hardly know.

He is originally from Haryana but his journey has passed through Rajasthan. And he was born on 12 September 1997 Bhiwani, a small town into the state of Haryana, but as we have told you that he has travelled to Rajasthan so far because when he was 4 years old his family was shifted to channi village, Haryana.

Gulzar Chaniwala

He has studied Class X from Channi School in Rajasthan and after that he has completed Class X and XII from Jalandhar. No further information has been received about further studies. Gulzar Channiwala had a dream from childhood to go to Canada and work in countries like Singapore, but Gulzar’s luck was written to be a singer.

About Gulzar Chaniwala

Gulzar composed the audio of his first song ‘faad faad’ and hence narrated it to his friends. Gulzar’s friends highly praised his song and also persuaded Gulzar to make a video of it but Gulzar did not have much money to sing this song. Can create a video and hence release it on a big YouTube channel. Then went to Jalandhar with this in mind to record a video of this song by depositing some money with his friends and then Gulzar teared his song.Then realised it on YouTube and the song was liked by some people and 11 million on this song Also got more views than. Gulzar’s family has also supported too.

Song Thandi Thandi

Gulzar Chaniwala has recently launched a new song ‘Thandi Thandi’ in which he expresses his feelings towards lord Shiva.

Gulzar chaniwala

Firstly he launched a poster of this song and a few days later he launched this song.

Babu De gya song

Gulzar Chhaniwala also his new song Babu De gay on 16 September 2020.

song name Babu de gya
lyrics gulzar Chaniwala
singer featuringgulzar Chaniwala
music producer gulzar Chaniwala
videogulzar Chaniwala
labelgulzar Chaniwala
album/moviesingle track
Gulzar Chaniwala

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